Monster Pub Vibrator with App - Vortex Pink
Monster Pub Vibrator with App - Vortex Green
Monster Pub Vibrator with App - Meow Green
Monster Pub Vibrator with APP - Meow Pink

Monster Pub Vibrator - Create your own vibrations

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Create your own vibration patterns. When it comes down to what feels good for you, no one knows better than you do. Monster Pub lets you create your own unique vibrating patterns. You decide how it is done via the smartphone app "Monster/Cherry Pub". Whether you prefer strong vibrations, subtle vibes or disruptive patterns, Monster Pub Vibrator has it all you need. Share your patterns on the app or let someone else remote-control your Monster Pub Vibrator from another home!



  • Customizable vibrations and shareable patterns
  • Bluetooth connection with Phone APP
  • More social features available with Monster/Cherry Pub APP
  • Always waterproof and skinfriendly 
  • Dimensions: 98cm length, 36cm diameter
  • USB recharge

Note: The package and vibrator design have been updated and may vary from the one shown in the video. The App "Monster Pub or Cherry App" is needed to control Monster Pub Vibrator and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.