Sex Doll Ellie 170cm fit blonde
Silicone doll fit and hot pose
Best love doll - Ellie leaning against desk
Sex doll - Standing feet and Non standing feet


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Ellie, 19

 239 miles away

If we would both be in the super mario universe. I want you to be bowser and kidnap me. I like it rough! 

Interests and Hobbies: Dancing, Cosplay, Dogs, Photography, Coffee, Videogames
Turn Ons: Roleplays, Rough, Men in Suit, Wet Foreplay, Public
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French/Korean


Wig, Lingerie and Cleaner included

Height: 158cm/165cm/170cm
Weight:  37kg/40kg/45kg
Breast: 75cm/79cm/83cm
Waist: 49cm/52cm/55cm
Hip: 80cm/81cm/85cm
Vaginal Depth: 18cm
Anus Depth: 16cm
Oral Depth: 13cm
Material: TPE with metal skeleton

You will get the same doll as seen on advertised pictures. The clothes on the pictures are not included. You may pick the desired height or feet-type. Standing feet allow her to stand upright. If you wish to customize her, please let us know in the chat box below!