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We make shopping sex toys easier!

"When I was in my college age, my girlfriend and I bought our first sex toys. We sprawled out in my college dorm room and scrolled through what seemed like an endless selection of vibrators and dildos, some so huge I was shocked they'd fit inside anyone's body. After hours of searching, we settled on a totally straight-forward vibrator. Nothing special. I've since learned that our selection was pretty damn boring, because sex toys have so much more to offer. Shopping for the right sex toys was often daunting and overwhelming for newbies. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Because of it, we are often left unsatisfied with the wrong choice. People settle with whatever sex toy they can get their hands on, whether they're brave enough to walk into a sex toy shop or have one gifted by a friend." – Isaac Jeon, Founder

DearSerena was founded in Austria in 2019 to create smooth experiences for everyone by providing the ideal sex toy for our customer and helping them to achieve the highest level of pleasure. We 
ensure that our live support experts deliver the very highest levels of responsiveness to you at all times. 

  • We make your sexual lifestyle spicy.
  • Live Chat Advise: Our team of experts are here to help choosing the right sex toy for you.
  • Our sexual movement: We encourage unisex toys.
  • Safe and play: Up to 1 year product guarantee.
  • Various warehouse locations provide faster shipping options worldwide.
  • Discreet packaging enables you to shop with confidence.
  • Easy return for everyone.