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Scarlett, 20

Location 252 miles away

Yes it's true what you've heard about red heads. Everlasting fun, wild rides and we just can't get enough. You think you can handle that? Take me home!

Interests and Hobbies: Fine wine, Pillow Talk, Netflix, Home party,
Turn Ons: Passion, wild romance, intellectuals, BDSM
Gender: Female 
Ethnicity: British


Doll Included Wig and Pajamas

Height: 155cm/160cm/170cm
Weight:  29kg/32kg/35kg
Breast: 82cm/85cm/88cm
Waist: 52cm/58cm/60cm
Hip: 80cm/83cm/78cm
Vaginal Depth: 18cm/19cm/19cm
Anus Depth: 16cm
Oral Depth: 12cm/13cm/13cm
Material: durable and flexible TPE with metal skeleton

You will get the same doll as seen on advertised pictures. The clothes on the pictures are not included. You may pick the desired height. Choosing the closest warehouse will shorten the delivery time. For central Europe you may choose shipping from France or Spain.